Changing the Lithium Battery in Korg X5DR


Sep 25, 2010 5:12 pm

I am answering a 2004 post, but I had to change the battery in my X5DR yesterday. I was getting the "battery low" message and the Combi and Prog voices were gone. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH SOLDERING, THEN ALLOW SOMEONE WHO IS TO DO THIS OPERATION! The internal lithium 3.V battery is permantly riveted to the battery brackets.
To do this, remove the housing screws from the sides and back of the unit, except for the strain relief bracket screw. Slide the housing off and place aside. Then, remove 4 screws which hold down the circuit board (3 are on the side and 1 is on the board at the front holding down a shield and a black-coated heavy flexible wire...remember how this attaches for re-assembly). Locate the round lithium battery then gently lift the circuit board up and slide it backwards. At this point you can slowly turn the circuit board over, being careful not to pull any connected wires loose.
Use desoldering braid, or a desoldering device and remove the solder from the three points which hold the battery brackets through the bottom of the circuit board. Then, gently pop out the battery brackets from the top side of the circuit board. After removing it, notice where the brackets are lined up on the battery. Then, take a stiff razor blade and slide it down between the bracket and the battery and give the blade a tap with something weighted. I used the head of a pair of pliers. The bracket will pop loose after both points are separated from the battery. Do this on both sides of the battery. Place a tiny bit of rosin-core solder to both sides of the new battery and also the the underside of each bracket. As the solder "runs", quickly remove the soldering iron. Make sure the brackets are lined up as to fit back into the circuit board mounting holes. Place the 2-pronged bracket on the top, or (+) side of the battery and heat it up just enough for the solder to adhear. Do the same on the bottom, soldering the single-pronged bracket to the (-) side. Insert the bracket pins into the mounting holes, turn the board back over, solder the three connection points, and you're done.
After re-assembling, hold both the (+) and (-) buttons down while turning on the module. After it cycles up, four orange LED's will light up. Then, push down "page up" and "page down" buttons at the same time. Your factory presets will then be restored. Good luck!

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