Tascam DA-38 Recording Setup Checklist

Use this fast setup guide.


Disconnect all external USB HUBS from the operating computer, in this case the Tyan Tiger P3 600 Mhz. The USB inserts and mixes MIDI time code with mouse pointer pixel codes into the audio. The only electrical link between the two is the RS-232 data cable for the MOTU Timepiece AV from the back of the computer. When the Tiger is setup properly only USB 1 & 2 as keyboard and mouse are used.

Plug in the DC connector to the Apogee FC-8. As there can be long periods of disuse between recording sessions- the FC-8 is unplugged when recording is complete. When the FC-8 is connected correctly and the DA-38 turned on the green pilots for Lock LED and TDIF RCV will glow solid.

Switch Settings. Route mixer to MDU and then MDU.

 to SPKRS.


Set to Auto Input. If track playing bars are lit and driven on the DA-38.


Monitor? Spkrs and meter off at this point. Maybe DI headphones at this point or can I get hot.