FB-01 Doesn't Stink

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Yamaha FB 01 top view

Yamaha FB 01 inside view

Battery CR2032

Copied from a old  board on the net

I was recently given a Yamaha FB-01 by my good buddy Tim (aka CasioNova --
Performance artist who does a Casio based cabaret show).

It was having "issues". After replacing the battery, the unit wasn't behaving
so, I decided I was going to do the best thing, system reset. The old hold 3
down whilst turning on 3-finger salute came into play.


3:20 pm - I have a new Hero
... and his name is Joseph from the Yamaha service division.

He was familiar with the FB-01, and knew my problem!
I know the key combination to reset it now.
It's hold down [System Setup] + [Inst Select] + [Data Entry No/-1] and turn it

The three finger salute ... YAMAHA STYLE

As you do this, the system flashes over through he ram locations. I does a
rewrite of all ram bytes on the system from the ROM.
Of course, one would eventually want to reburn to rom to make the preset sounds
suck so much! From what I've used of the editing from the PC, it's isn't showing
what it can do in the presets. They haven't opened her up.

You can then do some "Test Mode" stuff.

[System Setup] Button gives you [LCD TEST]. I need a good digital camera so I
can take
pics of this, so I can scrib the Kannji. Or a rip of the 27C256 onboard

[Inst Select] Does some [UART MIDI CHECK] thing. I'm not sure if it's working or
It could be just me not knowing what to do fom the MIDI end of things. Maybe I
need a
cable looped back or something?

[Data Entry No/-1] [OPP TIMER CHECK]. Ticks over for a few seconds [no sound,
then says OK

[Data Entry Yes/+1] [OPP SOUND CHECK] This is where the action is. Each button
you one of six different test tones. collect the whole set
10Hz -5.25dBm
100hz -3.2dBm
1kHz -3.2dBm
4kHz -7.1dBm
10kHz -21.4dBm
16kHz -30.2dBm

Hope this is of some use to somebody out there!!!!!!!

FMLove to you all...

Edward r Jones


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