Interconnecting Apogee FC8 with the KORG 1212 I/O.

Programs installed

Windows Control  Panel / Multimedia Properties/ Audio Properties /Devices / Use Audio Features on the device  (Y/N) Ref: Korg SoundlinkDRS 1212 I/O Manual Pg 43.


Boot up Sequence:

1. Equipment Rack

2. W98

3. Start Wave Device First

4. Start 1212i/o Utility

5. Start SEK'D and check File/ Record/  Record Parameter- Device



to play audio

  Start/Settings/Control Panel/Multimedia/ Choose- 1212 I/O Analog, 00/18 






Installing USB interface


Cakewalk and MMC with the MTPAV

Here are the steps needed in order to get Cakewalk to recognize the MTP AV and the ADAT sync port. The MTP AV must be set to Internal Mode for this to work. If you are unsuccessful with this procedure, try reinitializing the MTP AV by holding down the Panic button while turning the unit on. This will set the MTP AV to it's factory default of Internal/48k. Note: You will lose any user Modifications that you have made to the interface when you perform a hard reset.

1) Under the Tools menu select Project Options.

2) The sync settings that pertain to MTC and MMC are project specific. The Clock tab is where the source and frame rate settings are found. The Source should be set to SMPTE/MTC. Make sure the frame rate settings under SMPTE/MTC Format match the frame rate settings on your MTP AV. You can also enter an offset if you would like the start of your sequence to match a particular location on your Adat or another device that may be slaving to the MTP AV.

3) The MMC settings are found on the MIDI Output tab. To enable MMC, simply enable the check-box under MIDI Machine (MMC) and enter the appropriate MMC device ID number for the device you want to control. Enter 20 for the MTP AV.

4) Under the Tools Menu, open the MIDI Devices window. You must at least select the Sync port for an input on the left hand side of this window. This will allow Cakewalk to receive the incoming MTC from the MTP AV.

5) If you are working with audio you should also verify the following settings. The Settings found in Audio Options, under the Tools Menu, are global and the Advanced Tab contains audio synchronization settings. Make sure that the SMPTE/MTC option at the bottom of the page is set to Trigger and Free-wheel for recording audio while synchronized to an external timecode source. If it is not, your audio may speed-up or slow-down on playback if you recorded while using the Full Chase lock setting.

6) Now Cakewalk will issue MMC commands to your MTP AV. The MTP AV will then send MTC to Cakewalk and ADAT sync to the ADAT.

Note: Cakewalk stores the settings for the audio system in a file called TTSAUDDX.INI. The MIDI settings are stored in a file called TTSSEQ.INI. Occasionally it is possible for these files to become corrupt. This could cause Cakewalk to exhibit sluggish performance when locking to SMPTE, to drop out of play or record, or to offer a reduced track count. If you encounter these symptoms you may want to try deleting TTSAUDDX.INI. After deleting this file you will need to re-select any Audio Options that you had selected previously.