Data Sheets for General Woodworking


Router Speed Settings

Standard Dimensions of Softwoods

Common Sizes of Nails

Air Requirements

Wire Gauge & Length

Steel Sheet Gauges

Medium and high carbon steels can be hardened by heating to a red heat and quenching. With a good eye and some practice you can judge temperatures in steel with surprising accuracy. It's very important to use a constant light source however, especially when judging the reds.

Colors in order of appearance, with their temperatures:

Decimal to Fraction Conversion



Courtesy of  Jerry Austin

Drill Press Speed Chart

Courtesy of Wood Magazine

Shop & Tools

Stanley 55 Manual

General Wiring



Wire Nut Color Guide

Wire Nut Color Guide

Universal Tint

Stair and Handrail Specifications




Zinsser Shellac Date Codes

The batch code on the shellac should always be a 6- or 7 digit number, beginning with a letter. For example: S01231D

The first number after the letter will be the last digit in the year of manufacture
The second number will correspond to the month
The third and fourth numbers will relate to the actual day of the month.

In this case a batch code reading S01231D will have been made in the year 2010, in the month of January, on the 23rd day.

The Bullseye Shellac will have a shelf life of three years.

Koetter DOORS

Manual of Doors & Windows

Securall Steel Doors


Wood Information

Janka Hardness

Strength Properties 

Tropical Timbers of the World  Caution this is a 30 MB file.

Properties of Imported Tropical Woods 

Wood Handbook, Caution this is a 14MB file.

Robusta Eucalyptus


Bolivia Wood Species

Commercial Timbers of the Caribbean

Puerto Rican Woods

Recognize Defects in Trees

South American Timber

Wood Product Statistics

Wood Destroying Organisms

Eastern Hemlock

Western Hemlock

Moisture Distribution Western Hemlock

Wood Dust

How Much Lumber in That Tree

Commercial Lumber, Chap-5

Structural Properties of Hybrid Poplar 

Forest Resource, Timber Production and Poplar Culture in China

Grade Distribution and Dying Degrade of Sweetgum and Yellow-poplar Structural Lumber

Yellow Poplar Glued-Laminated Timber: ...Timber Bridge Construction

Yellow Poplar Glulam Timber Beam Performance

Dimension Yields from Yellow-Poplar Lumber

Yellow-Poplar Lumber for Exterior Architectural Applications...

Tree Crop Timber

2011 Hardwood Lumber Pricing

Lumber & Shingle Millis Washington

History of Lumber Sizes

Map of NW Mill Locations

Properties and Uses of Iowa Hardwoods

American Hardwood Lumber Grades

Factors Affecting the Quality of Walnut Lumber and Veneer

Dimension Yields From Black Walnut Lumber

Atlas of United States Trees USGS MAPS 






Acetone removes silicone caulk


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Golden Ratio

golden ratio


Drill a 1/2-inch hole in the wood where the T-nut will go. Drilling completely through the wood is also acceptable. 1/4-inch T-nuts, use a 5/16-inch drill bit; for 5/16-inch T-nuts use a 3/8-inch drill bit.

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