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Small Appliances

Atomix Clock Model 00562 Does anyone really care what time it is? Well this clock does. These are so cool. They keep time based on the WWV radio transmission signal from Fort Collins Colorado. The only function that is wanting on this clock is at night in the dark.

More clocks; This HoMedics timer is the perfect chef's companion. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Cuisinart Model PSC-350 Slow Cooker, 3.5 quart. Bar Code 86279-02097 Instruction Booklet picture This is a new appliance for me. It makes some of the best tasting lowest cost meals I prepare. I'm working my way through America's Test Kitchen "SlowCooker Revolution'' in between creating my own recipes. This makes a good prepper for pizza dough out of the ice box.

 Cuisinart Pro Classic Food Processor 7- Cup Model DLC-10S TX Instruction Book Picture A powerful versatile kitchen tool. Get your recall blade replacement here

Cuisinart Coffee Grinders 3 ea. Instruction Book Picture One for coffee, one for spices, and one for grains & non-oily non-aromatic substances.

Braun Electric Hand Blender Picture These motorboats are cool. I use this to blend & puree large batches of soup like my world famous butternut squash soup... I even had an electrical outlet installed next to the range during the kitchen renovation so I can use this safely. Most of these are cordless now.

FoodSaver® V2840 Vacuum Sealer I have kept feta cheese in a vacuum sealed bag for over two years in the fridge and it was real fine. For cheese alone this pays for itself. This is a real important tool for me as I like to cook in large batches and store servings in the freezer for quick meals during the week.

 FoodSaver Ultra (No longer supported) Picture Used as canister vacuum only. The heat sealing element burnt out. I have kept brown sugar in a canister stored in the pantry for a few years and it stayed moist. Air is the villain. All I have to do is pull out a drawer, plug the cord in to the outlet on the cabinet 6" away, and use it's canister vacuum attachment. I don't even have to pull the FoodSaver from out of the drawer. It takes less than1/2 minute to setup and put away.

Presto Hot Air Popcorn Popper Manual Picture Works great. Popcorn made with no oil. So how do you get the salt to stick to it? Get some All American popcorn, red, white, and blue.

Juiceman Jr. JM-1 Picture. This 1994 Juiceman Jr. by Salton works great. I use this only occasionally. I can juice anything from a strawberry to a carrot in it.      

Krups F654 Belgian Waffle Maker. Instructions I got this to replace the 50 year old GE waffle maker. It works OK so far. I like to make up batches of waffles, put them in the refer in a plastic bag, and warm them up in the microwave with some butter for a minute for breakfast. It takes a while to clean it up because you can't leave the Pam in it to build up. Could it have inconsistent heating in the plates causing unequal cooking? I guess I'll just have to make some more waffles to figure this out...

Capresso H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle Instructions Picture After two years & two months of use two to four times a day the lid came apart. Unglued. I used 5 minute epoxy and re-attached the part. The use of plastic materials at the top where the heat collects is a weak point in the design and materials selection. What else could they do? Heat rises. Other than that this is a very good design. I'll keep using it until it burns out or breaks. Then I'll get another. I purchased a second one of this 12/2018. They did a design change and don't use the chrome foil laminate on the lid now. The metallic laminated lid has been replaced with a single material. Good change, as the metallic had totally delaminated long before the thermostat/switch finally gave up.

Bodum French Press, 4 Cup Chambord,17-oz. Picture I use this all the time to make coffee. This is my third Bodum French Press Coffee Maker. These make a very good cup-a. This size makes two of my cups. If the 2nd cup gets cool in the beaker before I get to it, I pull the beaker out of the stainless steel cage and put the beaker in the microwave to heat up for a minute. Chem. lab beaker tongs work well for handling the hot beaker. I wish the beakers were the same size as chem. lab beakers. Borosilicate glass is borosilicate glass.

Waring Blender NuBlend® 3/4 HP Commercial Blender with 32-oz. Stainless Steel Container Model: BB180 44-oz. Container,  BB180S Instructions Specifications Parts.  This is my second Waring Blender. I like to use the stainless steel for cold blending. Like for protein shakes, Iced tea slushies, or margaritas. I use the 44-oz. for hot blending and larger batches. Nice. I find these can do anything I want to do with just the two speeds and the pulse. My first Waring lasted 40 years. The motor base was still in working order when I trashed it. I could not find a replacement container that fit it.

  Kenmore Microwave 1.2 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave w/ EZ Clean Interior - Stainless Steel I love my microwave!

KitchenAid Artisan Electric Mixer Black KSM150PSOB Repair Parts List Use and Care Guide Proof of Purchase I got this on Ebay. These are a real good tool to have. Wonderful. I have mixed with this and it works great. I think using it is fun. I built a special cabinet to store this in.

OXO Stainless Steel Rotating Utensil Holder #1386400

Taylor 11 pound scale with tare. Picture. I use this every day. Great tool.


Cookware, Bakeware, Knives, and Stuff.

Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel 10 Piece no longer made or supported by Farberware. It looks like they got out of the stainless steel cookware business.
Induction, Gas, Solid Plate, Radiant Ring, Glass/Ceramic, Halogen
500 Degrees
1 Qt. Covered Saucepan
2 Qt. Covered Saucepan
8 Qt. Covered Stock
3 Qt. Covered Sauté Pan pot
8" Skillet
10" Skillet

Farberware Stainless
Double Boiler
Sauce Pan


Farberware Knife Set

Metal Baking Pan
Aluminum Baking Sheets: Full Size 3ea, 1/2 size 1ea, and 1/4 size 1ea.
Corning Ware Glass 9" x 9" Baking Pan
Bread Loaf Pans 3 ea
Large Broiler Pan (used to bake lasagna)
Pyrex Bakeware Pie Dishes
Pyrex 15" x 10" Bakeware
Pyrex 8" x 8" Bakeware
Pyrex Measuring - 2 Qt & 2 Cup
Borosilicate lab glass flasks and beakers.
creo smartglass  2 qt. round casserole with lid
12 cupcake pan
springform pan 8", 9" & 10"

MainStays (from Wal-Mart) 4" Non-stick Aluminum Mini Egg Poacher Black
16017 04526

Various Glass Mixer Bowls

Very Large Metal Mixing Bowl:15.25" W x 5" H

Wood Pizza Peel

15" x 15" x 1" Pizza Stone Also used as a heating surface when I'm torching peppers and such.

Wire Cooling Racks 1/2 sheet

Rib Racks for Custom 22.5" Weber Did someone say ribs?

Weber, Smokey Joe Silver I cook outdoors on this puppy all the time.

Cutting Boards, Fir (salvaged from original kitchen), End Grain Maple, HDPE.

Inspirado Stonelite Coffee Bean Jar (blue flowers w/ clamp seal) & Cookie Jar (cherries)

Simplehuman Paper Towel Holder


Corelle Dishes, Classic Cafe Black, Winter Frost, other eclectic

Oxford Hall Stainless Steel Flatware Vintage, Japan I was looking for a complete or nearly complete set of Oxford Hall's Colorado style that were made in Japan for a long time. The Colorado is a simple and very well balanced flatware design. While I could not find the Colorado I found these on Ebay and snatched them up. Twice as thick in the handle as Colorado and pointy on the end so not as well balanced. Nevertheless I really like these. They are real fine. I have yet to find the style name.

Cambro Camlite 1216 Cafeteria Trays Black. I use these every day. Use hot water and mild soap to clean them up. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The black trays look really nice with the Cafe Black Corelle dishes.

Libbey Moderno Bowls & Glassware Catalog

Acroroc Glassware My favorite styles. Hard to find most of the product line in the US. Some of the designs can be located at Target but not by manufacturer.

Acroroc Jug  Acroroc Catalog (Caution 34MB


Mugs, eclectic, Bodum, Thermos

Stanley Aladdin, 1 Qt Vacuum Bottle, Vintage- Hammertone Green This bottle has been around the globe. Incalculable gallons of coffee have been kept hot in it. It's 40 years old. Works great. I only use this on road trips now. Maybe I should change that.

Cheesecloth by Pure Acres Farm



NSF The Public Health and Safety Organization Food Equipment Certification


Large Appliances


Frigidaire 40" Electric Range  Use & Care Manual, Installation Guide,  Wiring.

Range main top (chrome)

Part: 5303293761



Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator, See the second page of these PDFs Refrigerator Liner, Refrigerator Shelf, Freezer Liner, Motor & Ice Container, Refrigerator Door, Freezer Door, Dispenser Front, Air Flow, Control, Unit, Icemaker.  Manual 1  Manual 2

Whirlpool Quite Partner II Dishwasher Never use the factory supplied waste tubing. Go pro with your installation

Kenmore 42" Range Hood

Rinnai RL94e Outdoor Tankless Water Heater 11/12/2011 There is no place for a full sized hot water heater in my house. There was a low boy in the crawl space. Just not enough hot water for a shower. This fixed all that.




Double DD Meats. Cool yes?

Sauce Marinade Rub Salt Hot Sauces Meat Steak Cold Cuts


The X-Files

5.11 Kill Switch

Metro Diner X Files


Neon Gumbo

Gumbo Neon


Chartreuse Voiron France



Kitchen Pantry

Liqueur Cabinet